Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone!

It has been an interesting and busy week. …

I was casted as an extra in the NBC TV show pilot ‘Manifest’ and was on set Wed night into the morning. It was a unique experience and I finally learned what it was like to make a TV show. Hopefully I will get to see the blurred version of me in the background 😊

I received two more reviews of my book and they were awesome!

First one: 5-star review

Amazing book for a first-time author!
The dialogue was a little scripted at first; but improved as the book progressed.
I am now very angry as the sequel is not written!
Mr Overeem, repeat to yourself: “must write faster.”

Second one: 5-star review

Has a bit of a Bobiverse vibe going for it, with the whole 50k years of human history passing by before we really get into the meat and potatoes of the book, but after that it becomes its own unique and enjoyable thing. The book is professionally done, with little to no grammatical/editing errors that I could see, and it is well written. I hope the author continues to write, because I’d really like to see this story continue. I’m surprised I hadn’t come across this book before; I think it has flown under a lot of peoples radar and deserves some attention.

I attended my Sensei’s (tall guy in the middle) promotion to 4th degree black belt in Nihon Goshin Aikido and I look forward to continuing my training with him.

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